Mind Reading - Unlike having a healthy theory of mind, mind reading is when you make assumptions about what somebody is thinking or feeling despite contrary or lack of supporting evidence. In actuality, you’re possibly delusional or paranoid.

Catastrophize - when you over…

  • I was never able to understand how she could possibly love him; put up with his shit. I’ve spent so much time trying to convince her that she could do better- that she has done better.
  • I learned what it felt like to want someone with every fiber of your being. To alter and surrender a part of yourself even when it’s hard… even when you feel like shit is impossible to deal with. To be disappointed. Hurt. But not in touch with your head enough to ignore your heart… To put up with things you’ve never been willing to put up with before… Because there comes a point when it’s too late… Too late to see anyone or anything else but that person. Now I understand it all.


when the pizza guy came over today i was like “have a good day” and he said “dont tell me what to do” and i just stood there staring at him and then he’s like “lol i got that from drake and josh”


How cowlicks actually happen.